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Research paper similarity

research paper similarity

Similarity Check members benefit from a tailored iThenticate experience that includes read-only access to the full text of articles in the Similarity Check database for comparison purposes, discounted checking fees and unlimited user accounts per organization.

I’m not able to include full-text URLs in my DOI metadata. Can Turnitin index my content using another method? No. To ensure the most robust, secure and complete indexing of content, Turnitin is only able to support the direct-indexing method. This involves following the URLs that member’s provide in their Crossref metadata to find and index full-text content. Turnitin do also operate a general web crawler, called Walker, but this crawler targets general web content and is not suitable for comprehensively indexing full-text, published academic content.

Please contact our member services team with any questions or to get set up, or contact our support team for any technical or troubleshooting questions.

For iThenticate user help, please refer to Turnitin’s Similarity Check User Manual or get in touch with their support team at [email protected]

research paper similarity What is the Difference Between a Research Paper and an


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