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Research questions for science fair

research questions for science fair

Science Projects & Experiments

Easy home and school science projects for kids.

static electricity

Plus, science articles and ideas, topics & instructions for great experiments you can do using stuff you already have around the house.

Science Projects including:

Science Articles

School has started and Fall is just around the corner. Learn more about why leaves change color and where you can go for the best autumn leaf viewing.

fall leaves

Science Articles include:

School Science Fair Projects

Time for your school science fair project? Don't Panic! Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions to create your winning entry!

plant seedlings experiment

Pick Your Topic

The first step is choosing the right science fair project idea, based on your interests and abilities.

Design & Perform Experiment

After you decide on a topic, the next steps are planning and performing your experiment.

Analyze & Present Results

Finally, you must reach conclusion about your experiment and prepare a presentation of the results.

science fair display board

Science Fair Central - Discovery Education

Causal: Cause and Effect Questions Designed to determine whether one or more variables causes or affects one or more outcome variables.
  • What is affect of exercise on heart rate?
  • What is the effect hand fatigue on reaction time?
  • What are the most potent vectors for disease transmission?
  • How does exercise affect the rate of carbon dioxide production?
  • How is the diffusion of air freshener influenced by temperature?
  • How does concentration of silver nitrate affect the formation of silver crystals?


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    Rex Murphy: Governor General appoints herself umpire of questions of faith and science

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    Rex Murphy: Governor General appoints herself umpire of questions of faith and science via

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    Another brilliant day for Girls In Science - these girls really know how to ask the ‘good’ questions!

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    No one is propagating atheism by stating that non-science shouldn"t be in science journals.

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    Questions of science, science and progress, do not speak as loud as my heart

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