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Resume sample of project manager

resume sample of project manager

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resume sample of project manager Project Manager Resume samples - VisualCV

resume sample of project manager Project Manager Resume Sample & Writing Guide | RG

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Project Managers plan, define the scope, direct the implementation, and coordinate a project. They have to complete the project within the stipulated time and budget. Other responsibilities include resource allocation, task delegation, supporting project teams, and ensure compliance with laws, standard practices, and company policies. Candidates need skills like decision making, leadership, communication, negotiation, delegation, team work, and handling pressure. A degree in management and experience are essential. Master's degree in project management is highly valued. The candidate in this resume is an MBA and is affiliated to the Management Personnel Association. He has substantial experience as a project manager.

A project manager is mostly a senior programmer/core developer, who has advanced in the corporate ladder and has become a manager. With so many projects going on simultaneously, there is a dire need of projects managers in any organization. He himself needs to be good at his work first before managing other people. Hence, a project manager is respected a lot by his colleagues and juniors. He is an individual who has to be proactive and needs to have patience and confidence in his team members. This sample resume is written in a pretty nice way, demonstrating the salient points in the profile of the applicant in a forceful way, thus bringing them into limelight.

Sample Project Manager Resume 1

Duncan Kimball
1376 S Mills Avenue,
Orlando, FL 32806
Telephone No: 407-893-5614
Email id: [email protected]

Career Goal: Seeking the position of a Project Manager with a major construction and / or road building company / group.

Educational Background

  • Achieved Associate Management Degree from the Southwestern University, South California at in the year of 1995 at Construction Management.
  • Achieved Master of Business Management Degree from the Washington Management School, Washington in the year of 1994 at construction management as the major.
  • Achieved Bachelor in Science Degree from the Orlando University, Orlando in the year of 1988 at Chemistry as the major.
Professional Affiliation
  • Achieved required professional affiliation from the Management Personnel Association of Philadelphia, Philadelphia in the year of 1996 with the license number 345 697.
Computer Programming Skills
  • Practiced Operating Systems: Windows9X, Windows2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Unix, MS DOS
  • Practiced Office Package: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook Express
Professional Background

2001- Present date: Work as the Project Manager for the Santana Constructions Limited, Orlando with the following responsibilities

  • Offer necessary on site administration along with proper quality control measures for ensuring the entire project finish on time and due budget.
  • Provide necessary coordination and planning for the contractors along with the subcontractors.
  • Organize cost control with required payroll management.
  • Carried out budget preparation, estimation and bids along with producing various proposals, planning and necessary contracts.
  • Responsible for subcontract negotiations and purchase orders as well as usual contracts with customers.
1996- 2000: Worked as the Superintendent for Chapel Group of Companies, New Jersey with the following responsibilities
  • Provided necessary coordination to contractors and subcontractors.
  • Offered essential quality assurance measures for various ongoing ventures.
  • Provided supervision to carpenters and other associates.
  • Produced monthly or weekly development report to the higher authority and the supporting staffs.
  • Formulated various operational features.

Sample Project Manager Resume 2

Hugh Wallace
348, High Side Drive,
Santa Fe, NM, 23680
(130) 901-4830
[email protected]

Academic Background

  • Accomplish Master of Business Administration Degree from the Bloomington University, Indianapolis in the year of 1992 at Information System as the major
  • Obtain a certificate course on Project Analyst from Chicago State Advanced Technology Institute
  • Acquire Bachelor of Science Degree from the Southwestern Poly Technique University, Florida in the year of 1985 at Management as the major subject

Essential Skills:

  • Leadership skills along with the ability to inculcate them in my team members as well
  • Knowledgeable about all the technical aspects related to the projects I work on
  • Strong communication skills which help me convey any message to my team
  • Basic know how of programming languages like C, JAVA, Python, etc.
  • Understanding of basic terminology related with database and database management
Professional background

1998- Present date: Work as the senior most Systems Analyst for the Morrison Information System, New Jersey with the following responsibilities

  • Associate of the lineup selected for the organization Quonto in the United States under the direct accountability of the Chief Executive
  • Act as the specification and development responsible person directly to the high command
  • Provide adequate evaluation and developmental measures for the entire tools development
  • Provide staff hiring, monitoring and supervising for the further betterment
  • Offer astonishing client coordination and make a professional and positive relation from first to last supportive communication
1993- 1997: Acted as the systems analyst for the Tipton Data Processing Unit, Philadelphia with following responsibilities
  • Worked as the person in charge for the enhancement of patient organization system
  • Provided proper features for thorough evaluation and marketing the patient organization system and laboratory systems
  • Offer various technical applications as well as cost-benefit investigations

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