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Social determinism theory essay

Cambridge MIT Press. Pp.225-258.

Mackenzie, D. & Wajcman, J. (1999) ‘Introductory Essay’ The Social Shaping of Technology. 2nd ed. Open University Press. Pp.3-27.

Restivo, S.et al., (1999). Science and technology and society. Oxford University Press. London.

Winner, L. (1999) ‘Do artifacts have politics?’The Social Shaping of Technology. 2nd ed. Open University Press. (Chapter 2).

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  1. Xulujapocupuzi

    I"m curious by the process in which things get selected in and out of social theory, since ostensibly we are all *doing* theory building

  2. Qefemayoc

    Agreed. My original thought is, social theory is the stuff done by ppl who get to be labeled as social theorists via disc mechanisms

  3. Fewohidofeyo

    Theory shopping - a supervisor perspective - Social Theory Applied ( )

  4. Depiyilanu

    - An exploration of the movement and social theory

  5. Huqomidafidav

    Social theory was kind hard to grasp

  6. Zorexexogeyed

    New collection of *contemporary* social theory! Chapters about the environment: 0. Mentions of environment in index: 0.

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