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Wcf interview questions and answers for 3 years experience pdf

In this article you will learn about WCF Interview Questions and Answers. An Interview Question;. WCF FAQ Part 3 - 10 Security. In this section we will run through important WPF interview questions asked during. WPF Interview questions with answers. In 3 layer architecture we. asked WCF questions in. Questions Answers – Windows Communication Foundation. wit7 6+ years of progressive experience. WCF Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experience. WCF Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf. 3. What are.

Interview question and answer of WCF for 2 year Experience.

It may be HTTP, TCP, MSMQ, NamedPipes etc. It is mandatory to define transport.

Encoding defines the technique used to encode the data before communicating it from one end to the other.

Protocol defines the configurations like reliability, security, transaction, timouts, message size etc.

What is binding configuration?

You can customize the binding used by endpoint using config file. For example, you can enable/disable transaction for the binding used by endpoint. All you need is to configure binding element in config file similar as below:

<bindings> <netTcpBinding> <binding name = "TransactionalTCP" transactionFlow = "true" /> </netTcpBinding> </bindings>

What is default endpoints?


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