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What can i write off for my cleaning business

what can i write off for my cleaning business 13 Secrets for Making Your Cleaning Business a Success

Can I Deduct Dry Cleaning Expenses For My Business Suits.

what can i write off for my cleaning business

what can i write off for my cleaning business What Costs Can You Write Off as Business? | Chron.com

Hey Dave,

I use suits for my work, and the expense for dry cleaning them is substantial. I don't use suits in my life outside of work. Can I deduct the dry cleaning cost as a business expense?



Sorry to say, but, no, you are not allowed to claim these clothing expenses as business expenses. The IRS has a two prong test that you are required to pass in order to deduct the cost of work clothing as an employee business expense. The first condition is that the wearing of the clothing must be a condition of your employment, and the second is that the clothes cannot be suitable for everyday wear. So, even if you choose not to wear the suits off the job, they are still considered suitable for everyday wear and therefore not deductible on your return. This rule also applies to the cost of upkeep of the clothing, which in your case is the dry cleaning costs. If the clothing is deductible, so is the cost of the upkeep, and, if it’s not, then neither is the cost of the upkeep.

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