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Write on paper and burn it

write on paper and burn it

Write on paper and burn it - writecgtpj.dnsdynamic.com

Yes it does help to write it down...burning it is just symbolic and also ensures no one else reads it and uses it against you.

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I am not sure about this one. I think it would really boil down to the individual's mindset. I know writing something down and then burning the paper would not help me, but I do believe you would never have heard of it if it didn't work for someone

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No..your better off screaming Into a pillow..or slamming your fist repeatedly on a soft surface lol

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Burning everything helps, my fellow pyro.<br />
<br />
But, writing it down and leaving it for a week is best. You read it after a few days, and then decide if you still want to burn it.

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I'm not sure, never tryed it...<br />
<br />
May give it a go tomorrow...

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For me, yes, I have been able to let some dark things go by burning them.

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I started doing this as of recent. Can't believe the difference it makes. You really have to mean what it is your writing though. You have to feel it. Read it once your done then burn it. As I watch it burn I think of it as a dark price of my life that burns away. Everyone's different tho. For me it helps tremendously.

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  1. Sajuloda

    I said something funny today and IMMEDIATELY wrote it down in my Notes so I can write it into the movie about my life that will surely exist

  2. Wofijajoqupaku

    My mood, and sense of self worth, are entirely too dependent on my ability to write a complex nut graph on any given day.

  3. Fapifazocamuji

    In my eyes. Write what you want. Even if people dislike it/find it gross, as long as you"re not feeding it to kids and state it"s for 18+

  4. Rufigiyoqekizi

    We had maids. They were always over 18, they got toiletries and clothes, my mum never put them on the floor and we did chores too.

  5. Sipuxovice

    God. I say to you, you enter into temptation, but deliver those people he says and saying in your will.

  6. Qowepoj

    News outlets merely say, write, infer the name TRUMP and ratings soar. C"mon Libs!! You"re smarter than that!! It"s called - ratings!!

  7. Wumitadene

    Only a few people would understand what its like to be 20 and write your own will.

  8. Komufinemumi

    She literally compared the colonization experienced by Indigenous as preferable to freedom to think and write . Despicable.

  9. Qafiqezo

    I have a paper that I need to hurry up and write. I don"t know what I"m waiting on

  10. Qoqeqewaxu

    I honestly had no idea how to write it before just practice practice and it"ll make perfect

  11. Xopedoxeloko

    //-cough cough- Aside from myself, , and are lovely Lucifer"s to write with <3

  12. Nalezocuza

    I would like to be everyone, a cripple, a dying man, a whore, and then come back to write about my thoughts, my emotions, as that person.

  13. Yobesiber

    Them* how did I write rhek and mean them

  14. Pozuzope

    Smashed through 50, 000 words today. I thought the beginning was fun to write, but it just keeps getting better and better!

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